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           Vertical Transportation Engineering

Vertical Transportation Consultants

Engineering + Design + Inspections

Elevators+Escalators+Lifts+Dumbwaiters+Material Lifts

The following are the services we provide. Please click on each item to view details. If you do not see the service you are looking for, please contact us and we are sure we can help you or direct you to a place that can help you further: 


1. New Construction Design & Specifications

2. Third Party Witnessing of Elevator Annual (Category 1)Inspections

3. Third Party Witnessing of Elevator Five Year (Category 5) Test

4. Maintenance Audits & Surveys

5. Modernizations & Retrofits

6. Inspections & Evaluations

7. ADA Compliance Inspections

8. Due Diligence Studies

9. Value Engineering Analyses

10. Traffic Calculations and Engineered Solutions  

 11. Bidding & Construction Administration

12. Quality Assurance Inspections