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           Vertical Transportation Engineering

1. New Construction Design & Specifications: We design new systems from the ground up in accordance with all applicable codes such as Building Codes, ADA, Fire Service and the ANSI/ASME Codes for Elevators and Escalators.

2. Third Party Witnessing of Elevator Annual (Category 1)Inspections : SAVKOM Inc is a licensed NYC Elevator Inspection Agency and our inspectors are QEI Certified to witness Annual Inspections.  We will be happy to provide these sevices for Elevators and Escalators at your properties.

3. Third Party Witnessing of Elevator Five Year (Category 5) Tests: SAVKOM Inc is a licensed NYC Elevator Inspection Agency and our inspectors are QEI Certified to witness 5-Year tests.  We will be happy to provide these sevices for Elevators and Escalators at your properties.

4. Maintenance Audits & Surveys:We thoroughly evaluate existing vertical transportation equipment for age, condition, preventive maintenance conditions and evaluate performance parameters.  A report is submitted that inlcudes a concise summary for a quick review as well as a comprehensive sections for detailed reading.

5. Modernizations & Retrofits:We write detailed performance based specifications for modernizing your equipment while keeping in mind budget considerations and time factors. 

6. Inspections & Evaluations: We inspect elevators for safety and reliability.

7. ADA Compliance Inspections: We thoroughly inspect the vertical transportation equipment and compare with the latest ADA Guidelines.

8. Due Diligence Studies: Lenders, Financial Institutions and Owner/Managers (Buying or Selling) can use our expertise to evaluate the condition of the elevator, escalator and handicapped lifts in the properties that they propose to buy (capital budgets) or sell (for full disclosure or to showcase equipment).  

9. Value Engineering Analyses: We will perform a combination of services including site inspections and documentation review to provide engineered budget recommendations without compromising safety and quality.

10. Traffic Calculations and Engineered Solutions: Based upon the type of building (Commercial, Residential, Hospital or Nursing Home) we will calculate potential pedestrian traffic patterns and scenarios and determine the number of elevators needed to adequately serve the building needs.  We will provide engineered solutions to ease traffic flow.

11. Bidding & Construction Administration:  We will manage all aspects of bidding including site walkthroughs, bid analysis, recommendations and construction administration including project meetings, payment approvals, site visits, punchlists and final approval. 

12. Quality Assurance Inspections: You have recently modernized your equipment and would like to ensure that your equipment is getting the preventive maintenance (PM) required to perform to industry standards. We perform post-modernization inspections to evaluate that premaintenance being performed is adequate and ensure that the maintenance contractor responds.